Lyrics: Young Humble Nick – French Class


This song is about Young Humble Nick’s terrible french class. In addition, the song contains lines about scamming, Nick’s pet turtle named Larry, and beating up people.
This is the first Young Humble Nick song to have two features.
The cover of the song is of some weird, white boy wearing a durag.

[Verse 1: Young Humble Nick]
I got myself a pet turtle named Larry, he lactose intolerant so he can’t even consume dairy
I lost a tooth, now I need a tooth fairy
These emo girls annoying as fuck in my french class
Broke-ass Mayfield can’t afford to get air conditioning in my french class
I just scammed Trump out of a wall
I’m writing this rap and I’m in study hall
This dude is gay as hell, he’s giving out free hugs
This dude was talking shit, so he got mugged
I just scammed this dude out of a chair
This dude bald as hell, he got no hair
Hold on, I need to calm down, this situation getting to hectic
I just scammed a nerdy-ass dude named, Sam Bremic
I just scammed a group of kids out of some Pepsi
This dude brokе as hell, he can’t evеn consume Pepsi
I just scammed the whole state of Mayfield
Then I beat up a quarterback named Baker Mayfield

[Verse 2: Real Gangster]
I’ma 1v1 Brennan and he gon’ have to worry
His shots are trash and mine are like curry
Ayo, I just scammed a lightskin, I think his name was Bryant
Then I scammed a whole village without even trying
This dude Aidan Arth, was talking behind my back, bruh
I just scammed Chris Smoove out of an account called Moses Cuh
I just 1v1’d a cracker in basketball
I beat up a gay dude cause he said he likes my balls
This dude Mason, just got mad at me
I told him he has the biggest mole in history
I just scammed Josie out of her photos of Doc Brown
Then I showed it to Legan, the she looked like a clown
I am a gangster, so many times I have said
Now I’m bout’ to pass the rap to Lil Big Head
[Verse 3: Lil Big Head]
I’m Lil Big Head
Yo girl was giving me head in your bed
I’m bout’ to ball out today
If you’re talking shit, you’re gay
And I’m bout’ to play today
I’m Lil Big Head, If you play with me then you’re dead
You’re basic as fuck, and I already got you read
I accomplished a lot, but I want even more
This girl ain’t give me answers, so I called her a whore
This is a fire track
And if you hating, then you are wack

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