Mac Miller – Balloonerism (Full Album)


Mac Miller – Balloonerism  (Download Free album Zip)

Music threads have been purporting a lost album by Mac Miller called Balloonerism.

Mac made Balloonerism around the same time as Faces, between 2013 and 2014. This historic alignment is apparent in the stream-of-consciousness style of writing that Balloonerism wields. Take his verses on Friendly Hallucinations, where lines about novels set in cold war era Romania sit right next to lines idolising the mythical Joan of Arcadia.

What does separates Balloonerism from Faces is its approach to musical structure and form. Both are equally abstract and obtuse, yet Balloonerism reels off with slower, drawn-out ballads that play out like eulogies to the loss of something. The vibrancy of Faces, — its gleeful despondency — is made crudely more melancholic on Balloonerism.

An insufferable simplification could be that Faces is the up and Balloonerism, inversely, is the comedown. The music on Balloonerism is heavy-handed on minor chord progressions, touches of jazz flourishes, strummed out guitar picking, and meandering vocal crooning.

It’s like Mac’s own twisted reimagining of the music made by Arthur Russell.
Tambourine Dream is the abrasive 30-second opener of, you guessed it, ringing tambourines; that contrasts the jazzy triumphant sax that opens up Inside Outside on Faces.

The SZA assisted The Song That Changed Everything comes next and opens with Mac doodling on his organ. Simultaneously, an unknown voice spells out to him, like ritual chants, the chord changes to the song, ‘B-flat, F, B-flat, F, E’, before a swarm of hypnotic synthesizers invade the space. I doubt a piece like this (instrumentally dull and wayward) would have seen the official light of day, even during the heydays of Miller experimentalism. The second half of this song, mainly featuring SZA is more melodic and driven by some live instrumentation, most likely fronted by Miller. Who himself finally turns up vocally on the back end of this thing, loudly ad-libbing the remainder of the song.


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