Mach-Hommy – Pray for Haiti (Album)


Mach-Hommy – Pray for Haiti (Download Free album Zip)


Mach-Hommy is a 38 year old MC from Newark, New Jersey breaking out in 2017 when he dropped his sophomore album H.B.O. (Haitian Body Odor) under Griselda Records. However, he & Tha God Fahim fell out with the label shortly after only for both of them to reconcile this past Christmas. But since May is Haitian Heritage Month, we have Mach marking his return to the Buffalo powerhouse by dropping his 5th full-length album to celebrate.

“The 26th Letter” is a trumpet-laced opener where Mach goes on about rearranging the whole game whereas the next song “No Blood Sweat” jumps on a pillowy Camoflauge Monk instrumental to say he taking food out cats’ mouths. Westside Gunn hops on “Folie á Deux” as he & Mach tell all the fuckboys that they’re finished over a psychedelic boom bap beat from Conductor Williams before declaring every day as Easter Gunnday on the soulful “Maxron Jaxon”.

“The Stellar Ray Theory” was a great choice for a lead single with its sax-heavy production & the lyrics about cats “blaming clouds on the rain & the sky” while he gets in his storytelling bag on “Marie” & I love the “Hail Mary” tribute in the hook. After the “Leta Yo” skit, Mach vents that he keeps seeing Deedee & Stevie in his naps with Nicholas Craven providing him with a bass guitar & a vocal loop for “Kriminel” just before declaring that he’s in his bag on the Sadhugold-produced “Pen Rale”.

01 DOWNLOAD MP3: “The 26th Letter”
02 DOWNLOAD MP3: “No Blood, No Sweat”
03 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Folie A Deux” (Feat. Westside Gunn & Keisha Plum)
04 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Makrel Jaxon”
05 DOWNLOAD MP3: “The Stellar Ray Theory”
06 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Marie”
07 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Leta Yo (Skit)”
08 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Kriminel”
09 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Pen Rale”
10 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Murder CZN” (Feat. Westside Gunn)
11 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Magnum Band” (Feat. Tha God Fahim)
12 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Rami” (Feat. Westside Gunn)
13 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Kreyol (Skit)”
14 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Au Revoir”
15 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Blockchain”
16 DOWNLOAD MP3: “Ten Boxes – Sin Eater”

Download to Mach-Hommy’s new album below:


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