Madeintyo – Never Forgotten (SOUL-LUXE) [Album]


Madeintyo – Never Forgotten (SOUL-LUXE) (Download Free album Zip)

Madeintyo offers a unique take on the deluxe trend with “Never Forgotten (SOUL-LUXE).”

Seven months after sharing his eclectic follow-up 2018’s Sincerely, Tokyo, Madeintyo has returned with an updated version of Never Forgotten, the new release is a welcomed new take on the current deluxe trend that has dominated the music industry over the past year.

Rather than adding a handful of new songs to the original version of Never Forgotten, Madeintyo opted to give fans a completely different take on his latest album. Surprisingly, Never Forgotten (SOUL-LUXE) is actually shorter than the Private Club artist’s original album.

According to Madeintyo, the SOUL-LUXE came to be after he handed over his album to the production and DJ collective Soulection, and subsequently, many of its members remixed several of the Never Forgotten’s songs

“Never Forgotten “SOUL-LUXE” edition dropping 5/28,” Madeintyo writes while discussing the unique premise behind his new re-release. “I’ve been a @soulection fan & I appreciate what they’ve done for the culture. My goal was to highlight their influence by having members & extended family RE- produce certain records. This is the 1st SOUL-LUXE & hope it ain’t the last. Thx you to all the DJs & producers involved”

Give Madeintyo’s Never Forgotten (SOUL-LUXE) a listen below.


1. Throw It Back (Jarreau Vandal Mix)
2. Ice Cream Swag (ESTA. Mix)
3. Coogie Shorts For The Summer (IAMNOBODI Mix)
4. All I Need (AbJo Mix)
5. Aww Man (Elijah Who Mix)
6. Level Up (Lakim Mix)
7. BET Uncut (Stwo Mix)
8. Freaky Girl (J.Robb Mix)
9. Sports Center (Elijah Who Mix)
10. Money UP (Lakim Mix)
11. Paris Fashion Week (ESTA. Mix)
12. Boss Up (Sango Mix)
13. Throw It Back (J.Robb Mix)
14. Movie (AbJo Mix)

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