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Man buys sofa online for 10,000 Naira, realises it’s only toy-size after delivery

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A gentleman who rushed to purchase a sofa that was displayed for KSh 2800 online has realised it was only toy-sized

– It is indicated that the good took one month to be processed and was delivered to the gentleman on a motorbike

– Netizens have been sharing their thoughts on this and spotted a few hilarious reactions

A young man in Ghana has gotten himself in an interesting situation after deciding to order a sofa he saw online going for a ridiculously low price.

Adu Kabena Alfred, a friend to the gentleman, indicated that the sofa was displayed on Jumia for KSh 2800 and the young man took the opportunity to place an order for it.

The good was processed for close to a month and when it arrived, it turned out to be a tiny model of the sofa which was delivered to him on a motorbike.

Many Ghanaians have found the report hilarious and expressed their views on the entire happening.

Maku Wussah suggested that the gentleman simply made a miscalculated move.

So he wanted to buy a whole sofa for 150cedis? It would’ve finished even before they decide to advertise.”

Sefakor Foli also asked:

How can u buy a sofa at 150, this happen cos people don’t like to read, I sell sofa covers , price will be stated yet someone will order and think it sofa itself, how can u buy sofa at 95gh, 125gh and 135gh, like how is this possible

Angeline Tugah indicated:

Can’t stop laughing…. I ordered kids tablet for my son and they brought me a toy tablet.”

In another hilarious what I ordered vs what I got occurrence, a Twitter user Nathi Mapekula, got many cracking up after sharing photos of a dress she had ordered alongside a dress she got instead.

In the photos, she had ordered a red mono strap dress with a high opening on the side.

What she got, however, was a poor imitation of the dress in the photo that was ill-fitted.

Nathi posted the photos in response to another Twitter user who had a similar experience.

In @ScottyUnfamous’ case, she ordered a pair of bedazzled heeled sandals and got a pair that was several inches smaller.

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