Medhane – Amethyst of Morning (Album)


Medhane – Amethyst of Morning (Download Free album Zip)

The project clocks in at just 22 minutes long, but the positive impression Medhane leaves on you with his new EP “Amethyst Of Morning” lasts way longer.

For many, the sexual assault allegations that plagued Brooklyn rapper Medhane last year made room to completely cancel the rising lyricist. That may still be the case for a lot of our readers out there, but the New York emcee recently dropped off a new album titled Amethyst Of Morning for those who believe in not passing judgement until all the details are laid out. Or, you know, for those that simply like chill beats.

The album’s release doesn’t come without its apprehension, with the BK-bred rapper tweeting out not too long ago, “This time last year i was anxious af everyday smoking bare weed getting bent all the time now i’m wild sober and i don’t be anxious like that at all anymore” [sic].

It’s not exactly clear whether or not that change of heart is reflective of his pending exoneration in the case — he also retweeted a note recently that read, “i’ve seen people apologize in private after doing the damage in public…” — but what can be said is that Amethyst Of Morning is an impressive body of work that would be a shame to have to ignore if the allegations do end up being true. Of course, we advise you all to do your research first before making any premature decisions and/or commentary.

We try to stay as unbiased as we can here at HNHH, so we’ll leave the music here and let you all make the decision for yourselves. As always, let us know some of your thoughts about the music down below in the comments. Also, if you can keep it civil, sound off about anything else dealing with Medhane down there as well — all opinions welcomed:


1 Draymond Green
2 Money Changes Everything (Feat. emil)
3 Don’t Get Caught Slippin’
4 Card Tricks
5 Self Care
6 555
7 Who Made The Rain?
8 Win 4
9 KEEP LOOKING (Feat. emil)
11 Money Tree

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