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Meet The Man Who Played The Lead Role In The Legendary ‘Apocalypto’ Movie (Photos)



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This legendary movie was acted over fifteen years ago and it was directed by Mel Gibson. Apocalypto is an American movie that is all about history and adventure. The plot of this movie centers on the life of the young man known as Jaguar Paw, a Mesoamerican hunter who is captured along with fellow people of his tribe by invaders. He was forced into a world dominated by fear and oppression, it was all about the survival of the fittest. Jaguar Paw makes a desperate move to return home and save his people and their way of life.

This movie is highly rated and regarded as one of the greatest adventure movies of all time. Apocalypto earned three nominations which included the Best Achievement in Makeup, Best Achievement in Sound Editing, and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing at the 2007 Academy Awards. Meet the man who played the exceptional lead role.

Rudy Youngblood is an American actor that was born in the month of September 1982. This talented actor was born in Texas, United States. He was educated at Belton High School, United States. Rudy developed an early likeness for acting when he frequently visited the cinema.

In the year 2006, when Rudy was 24 years of age, he played the life-changing role of Jaguar Paw in the movie titled Apocalypto. He had to learn the Yucatec Maya language in order to be able to perfectly play the role as it should be, in which he conversed in Maya. Rudy won the title of Best Actor at the fifteenth annual First Americans in Arts awards.

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