Melvoni – RETURN TO SENDER (Album)


Melvoni – RETURN TO SENDER (Download Free album Zip)

Melvoni is only 17 years old and ready to take over the rap game. The nickname BabyFace is because he’s always looked younger than he actually is — but one day in Los Angeles, he posted a selfie. One loyal fan, who’s been with him since he had less than a thousand followers, commented “babyface killa.” It’s been BabyFace ever since.

Switching off between singing and rapping, it was his breakout single “No Man’s Land” that showcased his ability to create a hit, while spitting about real-life experiences growing up in the grittiness of New York life. The Brooklyn native actually spent his early years travelling between the States and Jamaica, blending both cultures into his own style and sound. Though working part-time at a grocery store, he turned to the streets and began hustling. Thankfully, music would be his saving grace.

Melvoni describes himself as “tall, nappy-headed, singing-ass, witty-ass, calm, collected, cool,” while always remaining true to who he is. Now, he returns with the official music video for “Stackhouse,” recounting his rise from rags to riches. Flaunt caught up with the Epic Records signee to discuss his upbringing in Brooklyn, friendship with YSN Flow, creating “No Man’s Land,” shopping for his people, and more!

Being from Brooklyn what was the household like growing up?

It was like every other Brooklyn household. One bedroom with 6 people. I grew up in a Jamaican household. It wasn’t that bad, I was going back and forth between Brooklyn and Queens, because my grandma got a crib in Far Rockaway, Queens. I always went to school in Brooklyn, basically lived in Brooklyn.


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