Mereba – AZEB (Ep)


Mereba – AZEB (Download Free Ep Zip)

Mereba of Spillage Village drops off her brand new EP “AZEB,” an impressive display of her melodic prowess and vision.

Following a few notable appearances on Spillage Village’s recent Spilligion album, many were quick to put Mereba on their radar. Today, the Atlanta-born, LA-based melodist has come through to deliver her brand new EP AZEB, featuring seven new tracks and twenty-minute minutes of music.

As expected by those who appreciated her many strong contributions to Spilligion, AZEB highlights Mereba’s effortless approach to flow and lyricism. Over a lush array of production, which finds Mereba herself stepping in behind the boards amidst a pool of musically gifted collaborators, the singer brings listeners deeper into her world.

Standout single “Rider” finds her delivering sensual and intimate reflections over a percussive and minimalist instrumental, while the climactic “My Moon” strips things down for an atmospheric and romantic indie-inspired ditty.

Though brief, “Another Kin” calls back to the atmosphere of Spilligion, capturing that campfire spirit seen on tracks like “Hapi.” “News Come,” the project’s lengthiest track, finds Mereba’s airy vocals floating over a soulful guitar progression, a relaxing examination of the future at hand.

Between the musical talent displayed, the versatile array of songs, and the delightfully compact runtime, Mereba’s AZEB should be considered essential listening for anybody who can appreciate something different. Check it out for yourself now, and sound off if you’re enjoying what she’s bringing to the table on this one.

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