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aespa – Next Level MP3 download

When aespa dropped their otherworldly, video game-inspired photo teasers for their latest comeback, it was clear they were gearing up for a major evolution.

On Friday, the rookie K-pop group finally cracked open their concept in a 10-minute video epic detailing their origin story. The Cliffnotes version is that the four members—Karina, Giselle, Winter, and NingNing—live in a world alongside their æ-aespa, digital versions of themselves created from the personal data they’ve uploaded to a virtual plane. The æ live in a virtual realm called the FLAT, and an AI called NÆVIS opens a P.O.S. (Port of Soul) to allow aespa and their æs to “SYNK,” or hang out together in the real world.

But there’s trouble afoot… a Black Mamba (also the name of the group’s smash debut single) is disturbing this connection. Their new single, “Next Level,” is a re-imagined take on a track from 2019’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw; in the song’s music video, aespa travels to a lawless virtual realm called “KWANGYA” to fight the Black Mamba and reunite with their æs.

If it all sounds a bit complicated, that’s because it is. At a live streamed press conference hosted by Leeteuk of iconic SM Entertainment group Super Junior, Karina explained, “Before we debuted, we spent a long time learning about the concept so we have a very good understanding of the concept now.” Winter was thrilled by the complexity, “We have our own unique worldview. This is something that’s never been told anywhere before [and] gives us our own unique color and style, so we were all very pleased and excited for our future.” “It has a similar vibe to Marvel movies!” Leeteuk added brightly.


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