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MP3: Annie Blackman – Seeds


Annie Blackman – Seeds Download Mp3 

The New Jersey singer-songwriter Annie Blackman continues her strong run of singles with “Seeds,” another minimal but affecting folk track in the same vein as her previous ones, “Why We Met” and “Souvenir.”

This one is spindly and warm, with lines that ache with the desire to move on: “I’d like you to apologize in cursive in between my thighs/ I know, you have, but now it’s not enough,” Blackman sings in its opening lines. “Forget I’m doing better than I was back when I said what I said and let it out.”

Here’s Blackman on the track and accompanying visual:

Seeds is largely about having trouble letting go. I’m dangerously nostalgic, and obsessed with returning to old photos and videos that challenge my ability to move on.

In this song, I’m urging myself to let some of that go and to give sentimental imagery less power. As far as the video, Seeds is a song that evokes a lot of clear imagery, much of which I wanted to capture in a literal way.

I hadn’t painted since senior year of college and wanted to revisit it in a new context. There’s definitely room for practice, but I found that I really missed it.

Check it out below.


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