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Audiobooks is a duo made up of vocalist/visual artist Evangeline Ling and David Wrench — who has a deeply impressive resume as a producer/mixer, having worked with Frank Ocean, David Byrne, Caribou, and the xx. They released their debut Now! (in a minute) in 2018, and today they announced its followup Astro Tough will arrive in October.

“The first album was a photograph of the beginnings of the project, recorded without any overall plan,” Wrench explained in a statement. “Astro Tough is more scripted, but a script that still allowed for lots of improvised scenes. There was more intention behind the songs, and a lot more refining.

We weren’t precious about everything being spontaneous and a first take, like on the first record, even though some of it ended up being that. We made a lot more material for this record but chose the tracks that best worked together as an album.”

Along with the news, audiobooks have shared a lead single called “The Doll.” Here’s what Wrench had to say about the video:

I had the idea for “The Doll” video while out for a walk. I was watching a child walk confidently, checking their surroundings, taking it all in. I started to recall how the world used to look as a child. I was lucky to grow up in the countryside and to be able to walk alone in nature. My father was a sportsman (he won a Commonwealth medal for Wales for Weightlifting) and a PE teacher, so I used to go with him and spend time in empty sports venues. There is a special atmosphere to places built for crowds when they are empty. It struck me that a video based on a child exploring these empty spaces and finding something that had been lost would make a really fitting film for our track “The Doll.”

The track itself features Ling sing-speaking over throbbing electronics and intensifying beats, making for a song that could just as easily be an arty zone-out as it could a dancefloor banger. Check it out below.


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