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MP3: BEXEY – Whiplash Moodswings


BEXEY – Whiplash Mood swings MP3 download 

George Mejer (born August 3, 1996), better known as BEXEY, is a British rapper from Romford, East London. He was previously known as Zehtroid. A number of his music videos have been featured on the YouTube channel デーモンAstari. He was a frequent collaborator with Lil Peep​ until Peep’s death in November 2017.

In a interview with Underground Underdogs. he explains to them why he changed his name

So, it was like, Zethroid, then VZN standing for Vision. Really man, I hated those times: I was living in the middle of nowhere and it was like I full on lost my mind. That name just came to me, yeah that was a really fucked up part of my life, so I felt like I needed to change.

When asked about his current name on Twitter Bexey said this.


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