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MP3: Billie Eilish – The End of the World


Billie Eilish – The End of the World download mp3

This is a complex song, as should perhaps be expected in dealing with a concept as complicated as “the end of the world”. But overall it appears to be based on two presumptions.

First is that the singer is obviously convinced such an event can transpire, even in her lifetime. This may be an understanding she has developed on her own. Or, as insinuated in the first verse, this understanding was introduced to her by the addressee.

Now the second presumption would be that said addressee is a romantic interest. And to make a heavily-symbolic story more palatable, what it appears as if this song is actually based on is her questioning his commitment if some type of major, avoidably life-threatening catastrophe took place.

In other words, in the midst of such, would he “panic and hide”, or would he want to spend the his last five minutes with her?

So with that in mind we can definitely conclude, everything else aside, that this is in fact a love song.


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