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MP3: Bruh Bruh x Lil Durk – Quarantine In Huston


Bruh Bruh x Lil Durk – Quarantine In MP3 download

Today, Bruh Bruh is a rising star in the rap world who has been doing better than ever during the pandemic. When you learn about his story, you can see how he was destined for the success he enjoys today.

Born and raised in West Oakland, CA in the Campbell Village area, Bruh Bruh got his start in the rap game at the young age of 12. Back then, he was recording demo tapes onto old cassette tapes he had laying around.

His big brother managed to get a hold of them and immediately saw the potential he had. In fact, he was so floored with his little brother’s flow and what he had to offer that he ended up buying him an entire studio by the next Christmas. He’s been rapping ever since.

One of Bruh Bruh’s first hit songs was Don’t Understand Me featuring Trapboy Freddy, who is a music artist hailing from Dallas, TX. These two artists have great chemistry, which translates on the track they worked on together. Don’t Understand Me got released on WorldStarHipHop and is currently sitting around 120,000 views.


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