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Just weeks after dropping one new single and a new compilation only a month or so away, BTS shocked and delighted fans today (April 26) by announcing yet another new track, “Butter,” is on the way! But first the group made fans guess what was going to happen with a mysterious upload on YouTube.

Without warning, the seven-member vocal band took to YouTube to start a livestream, giving the hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world who tuned in nothing to go on but a bright yellow animated stick of butter, the sounds of a kitchen in the background and a timer that was counting down…but to what?

Turns out it was all leading up to the formal announcement of the band’s new single “Butter,” which is coming in just a few weeks. After the countdown expired on BTS’s YouTube announcement, the visual moved, showing simply the word “Butter” and its release date: Friday, May 21, 2021. The track is slated to arrive at midnight EST, setting it up for success on the charts the following frame.

A news release shared by BTS’s press representatives immediately after the YouTube display confirmed the name and release date, but no more details were given. It’s unclear if “Butter” will be attached to a new album, EP, repackaging, or, possibly, if it will stand on its own as a one-off.

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“Butter” is BTS’s latest single launch of 2021, and it is likely the start of something special. The band recently dropped a new cut titled “Film Out,” which became a global hit just a few weeks ago. That tune, which is performed in Japanese (a fact which helped it make history in a number of ways when it arrived on charts in a number of territories), serves as the first promotional release from their upcoming compilation BTS, the Best. That title, which is coming in June, sees the band gathering all of their biggest Japanese-language hits in one place for fans to enjoy.


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