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MP3: Cico P – See Me


Cico P – See Me MP3 download

Jacksonville artist Cico P is making big moves in the music industry.

Coming out of Jacksonville, Texas, 23-year-old artist Cico P has been making some big moves in the music industry.

The singer-songwriter has been showcasing his talents with an array of new singles and recently, his track “Tampa” ended up going viral on TikTok, which allowed him to grow his profile at a rapid pace. Now, he is back with a new song called “See Me” which attempts to follow up that winning formula.

On this track, we get a piano and guitar-laced ballad that sees Cico P singing about his success in the industry and how he was able to grind to where he is now.

There have been a lot of hardships throughout his life although now, things are on the upswing. It’s a dope new track and if you haven’t heard Cico’s music before, this is a solid entry point.


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