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MP3: COLOM81AN – Just Us


COLOM81AN – Just Us MP3 download 

Rising artist COLUM81AN is back with a sensual new track.

If you’re a fan of discovering R&B acts in their early stages, then do yourself a favor and give COLUM81AN a shot. The rising artist has a penchant for blending alternative R&B and Hip-Hop soundscapes together, and his new single, titled “Just Us,” is a prime example of his crossover potential.

Opening with the melodic plucking of a guitar, “Just Us” swiftly transitions into a full-on sensual groove, making for a sound that’s reminiscent of artists such as Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, and their contemporaries.

Filled with charming lyrics, “Just Us” finds COLUM81AN making plenty of extravagant promises, from flying a love interest out to Dubai to booking them a private suite. But as the rising artist makes clear in the song’s chorus, he’s more about action than talking, and as the song progresses you can hear the intense emotion in COLUM81AN’s soaring vocals.

Stream COLUM81AN’s smooth new single “Just Us” below,


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