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MP3: Deafheaven – Great Mass of Color

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The last we heard from Deafheaven was back in 2018, when they released Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. Earlier this week, they seemed to be up to something, tweeting what sure seemed like a teaser video labeled “5” and with the date “8/20/21.”


Today we officially find out that Deafheaven season approaches: Their fifth album, Infinite Granite, comes out in August.

The band made the album with producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen, and it seems to continue Deafheaven’s ongoing exploration of genre borders and/or erstwhile constrictions.

A press release notes that George Clarke leans into screams less than ever, instead trying out falsettos and harmonies. Based on other descriptions — like Kerry McCoy and Shiv Mehra augmenting their guitars with synths — it seems like Infinite Granite could be a moment where Deafheaven fully delves into the softer, spacier elements they’ve woven into their sound before and gone for something more atmospheric than ever.

Along with the announcement, the band have shared a lead single called “Great Mass Of Color.” And, in many ways, this song definitely bears out those hints about Infinite Granite‘s aesthetic.

Gentle verses full of aqueous guitars give way to slightly more intense choruses, but it takes until the song’s final, climactic moments to really get a glimpse of Deafheaven’s old ferocity. When it hits, it feels like a big payoff after a dreamy, proggy journey. Check it out below.


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