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MP3: Declaime & Madlib Feat. MED – All Over The World


Declaime & Madlib Feat. MED – All Over The World Download Mp3 

Legendary hip-hop producer Madlib and Dudley Perkins, the underground rapper who also records under the name Declaime, have a lot of history together. They grew up across the street from each other, and the two artists have collaborated many times over the years, going all the way back to Declaime’s Madlib-produced 1999 debut Illmindmuzik.

Today, they’re delving into that history with the announcement of In The Beginning (Vol. 1), a new album compiling a number of their previously unreleased collaborative tracks and rarities from the mid-’90s.

“I first met Madlib when he moved across the street from me; I was around nine years old at the time,” Declaime says in a statement. “His pops knew my pops. Madlib was on that musical genius stuff way back then.

He used to give me live beat cassettes he made himself along with his sister Stacey rapping. We both moved and lost contact … I’m giving Otis Jackson his flowers now through this music we constructed as hungry young dudes; The Beat Konducta Sensei and the Poet Past The Weak will always be part of Oxnard’s musical history!”

Along with the announcement, Declaime and Madlib are sharing the project’s lead single “All Over The World,” a funky new/old track that also features Declaime and Madlib’s fellow Oxnard Stones Throw rapper M.E.D., another longtime collaborator.

“We recorded this track around ’94-95,” Declaime explains. “Me and MED would hustle most of the day, then hit the studio with Otis [Madlib] and try and record on anything boomin’. We wrote these verses together with Madlib at the Crate Diggas Station.” Listen below.


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