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MP3: Doja Cat – Need To Know (Official Audio)

Doja Cat – Need To Know Download Mp3 

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It’s something of a surprise that Planet Her comes heralded as a concept album, “based on a fictional planet self-originated by Doja Cat on which all species and races of space exist in harmony”.

Concept albums are traditionally signifiers of great portent and seriousness, the point at which even a band as avowedly populist as Coldplay start metaphorically furrowing their brows, thoughtfully sucking on their pens and writing about dystopian future worlds in which music has been banned, called – yes – Silencia.

But the furrowing of brows and the thoughtful sucking of pens doesn’t really seem Doja Cat’s thing.

She is a rapper who first came to mainstream prominence by sticking chips up her nose while singing a song called Mooo!.

“Bitch, I’m a cow / I’m not a cat, I don’t say miaow” offered the chorus, while the verses ruminated on bovine digestion: “Got the methane / I’m a farter.” She is a very 21st-century kind of artist, subject to multiple online “cancellations” that only served to bolster her fame, blessed with an ability to release tracks that turn into TikTok trends and thus into vast hits.

Say So, one of 2020’s biggest-selling singles, was buoyed up by a dance challenge on the social network; so were the subsequent Like That and Freak; Streets was transformed from an album track into another smash, courtesy of the #SilhouetteChallenge. Mock provoking a preteen dance craze as a lowly aspiration for pop all you want: it’s an aspiration that songwriting teams and agencies are desperate to fulfil, and that Doja Cat has sewn up.

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