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MP3: Duwap Kaine – Promethazine

Duwap Kaine – Promethazine Download Mp3 

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Duwap Kaine has millions of SoundCloud plays, and yet you can’t just stumble onto his music. The 17-year-old’s sporadically released singles won’t be found on any major Spotify playlist.

His music videos hardly ever appear in YouTube recommendations, a result of bypassing both major and local curation pages. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find any interviews with him besides a two-year-old No Jumper video.

It isn’t often in rap that a popular artist exists without a machine behind them, finding an audience almost entirely through word of mouth, but Duwap Kaine is exactly that.

A modest viral moment lead many to Duwap Kaine’s music in 2016. He released a song on SoundCloud called “A Stove Is A Stove”—one of his first singles to cross the million plays mark—that included a sample of an original song from Spongebob. At the time, Duwap Kaine was a 14-year-old from Savannah, Ga. making music that he didn’t seem to take too seriously. He rapped about typical teenage things: designer-brand dreams, exaggerated tall tales about being on the run from the police, listing the reasons school was trash.

(“Fuck school, I know the trap can’t fail me,” he says on the opening line of 2017’s “Disagree.”) He rapped in a narcotized, mildly Auto-Tuned delivery that stemmed directly from Chief Keef’s Back From the Dead 2 over beats that sounded like internet reimaginations of Atlanta and Chicago. And behind his “I don’t give a shit” personality were refined and catchy hooks, little earworms that made even his punchlines stick.

Three years later, and the 17-year-old’s music still sounds influenced strictly by Chief Keef, although Duwap never comes across as a clone. While Keef’s world is rough and rugged, Duwap’s is like sitting on a cloud. He sounds like spends most of his time watching, or living inside, a Nicktoon.

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