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MP3: ITSOKTOCRY – god damm


ITSOKTOCRY – god Damm MP3 download 

Denver-based artist ITSOKTOCRY is an artist with a dark style of rap, comparable to that of a rock/hip-hop crossover.

ITSOKTOCRY had a few names prior to his current alias of ITSOKTOCRY. These were, in order, LarryOG, Raikage, reallyshyraikage, DEADOCTOBER, DEADSHAWDY and he was also in a duo named FUNERALPARTY with DARUKO, who was known as GHO$T at the time.

Around early 2015, he became associated with DIO COLLECTIVE, run by the underground artist JOULE$. Dio Collective was a group of underground artists, typically underground hip-hop/rap.

By late 2015, he was associated with HEARTBREAKK CLUBB, a group which included artists like Lil Peep and BOY FROOT, both whom CRY collaborated with many times.

He also was heavily associated with the underground emo hip-hop collective SCHEMAPOSSE and its members before their disbandment.

Later on, he joined another collective named whokilledjuliet?, a group of artists and producers who CRY works with a lot, especially in his early rap career.

As of current, he has a spot in a group named FOREVERCLUB, formerly named 27club after many deaths of talented artists at the age of 27.


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