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MP3: Jamie Wooding – Same Old Reasons


Jamie Wooding – Same Old Reasons Mp3 download

Liverpool riser Jamie Wooding has shared his new single ‘Same Old Reasons’.

The songwriter balances pensive lyricism to his innate melodic abilities, twisting in and out to transform viewpoints.

The 21 year old artist’s rise continues with new single ‘Same Old Reasons’, a song that digs into difficulties within a relationship.

Aiming to expose hidden truths, Jamie Wooding seeks out compassion, and a sense of continuance.

Sharply defined, ‘Same Old Reasons’ affords him a platform to do something different.

He comments…

“For me in relationships, when they don’t work out regardless of who ends it, the reasons are always the same. It’s about realising that you’re not right for everyone and that’s OK.”

“It’s hard but you have to go through that because it’s part of life. At the end of the chorus there’s a lyric ‘In your life, well I’ll be the mistake’. That for me is saying it’s OK I know we’re not right and I’m OK being your mistake. It give you the motivation to pick yourself up and move forward and onto better days.”


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