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MP3: Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Feat. Mariah Carey – Somewhat Loved


Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Feat. Mariah Carey – Somewhat Loved Download Mp3 

Mariah Carey has reunited with the legendary producer duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The three of them have worked together numerous times over the years — they even have a Hot 100 #1 song together in 2000’s “Thank God I Found You,” which features 98 Degrees and Joe — but it’s been a while since they’ve teamed up.

Their new single is called “Somewhat Loved (There You Go Breakin’ My Heart)” and it’ll appear on the duo’s first-ever album Jam & Lewis: Volume 1, which also features guest appearances from Babyface and Sounds Of Blackness. It’s set for release later this summer.
“When we started Jam & Lewis: Volume 1, we put a wishlist together of all our favorite artists,” Jam and Lewis said in a statement.

“The chance to reunite with our friend and fellow Songwriters Hall of Fame partner Mariah was wishlist fulfillment at its finest.” Carey added: “Working with Jimmy & Terry through the years has been one of the greatest creative journeys I’ve ever taken. It’s a great honor for me to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime album!”

Listen to “Somewhat Loved” below.


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