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MP3: Joe Cardamone – Yeshua


Joe Cardamone – Yeshua MP3 download

Joe Cardamone spent lockdown analysing both his surroundings, and himself.

The songwriter – formerly of The Icarus Line – has created a film series, with the full soundtrack being collected on to a studio album.

Shot in episodic fashion, ‘Quarentina’ tried to explore the strange disquiet that many people felt during pandemic restrictions.

It focusses on grief, the impact on daily lives, and the way in which our relationships both with ourselves and each other were altered.

New song ‘Yeshua’ leads the way, an intense meditation on the prospect of your life being irrevocably changed.

He says: “Yeshua is a bargaining moment. Taking stock of your life with someone else at the edge of the union being catapulted into the ether. You tell them that they can leave can but they know they won’t ever find someone better than you. Or at least that’s what you want to believe. Truth hurts the most. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is hell.”

We’re able to share the full video, shot in Los Angeles and illustrating the creative confidence running through Joe Cardamone just now.

Check it out below.


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