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MP3: John Mayer – Last Train Home


John Mayer – Last Train Home Download Mp3 

John Mayer has announced via Instagram that his eighth studio album Sob Rock, his first since 2017’s The Search For Everything, will be released July 16, preceded this Friday by a single called “Last Train Home.”

The extremely online Mayer must have known he’d be naming a genre here, coining a term as has been done with “dad bod” and attempted with “cheugy,” begging for speculation as to what “sob rock” is.

But it’s been ages since we’ve had anything non-terrifying to speculate about, so let’s give the man what he wants.

Mayer is going for a vibe here, and so far, having heard about six seconds of music, I can tell you he’s nailing it. First, let’s address that album cover. (Above.)

If you were alive and of record-buying age in the 1980s, this album cover is as familiar and comforting as a Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler. The color palette, the soft light streaming in through Venetian blinds, the geometric shapes in the lower right hand corner that suggest John Mayer has a concrete orb in his home as furniture.

These are like running into an old friend. One who has done some living. This is a very solo Eagle album cover. This is a very has contributed a song to the soundtrack of a Richard Gere erotic thriller album cover. You have seen this album cover on the wall of a Tower Records, on a Sunset Boulevard billboard, in your mailbox when you forgot to send the Columbia House postcard back in time. This album cover fucks.


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