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Rising Texas rapper KenTheMan leaves no crumbs in this new release


Rapper KenTheMan has been working hard this year to prove she is a force to be reckoned with in the Houston rap scene. It hasn’t even been a year since her breakout mixtape, 4 da 304’s dropped with hits like “He Be Like”, but a string of singles and collaborations since then have accelerated her momentum. Building off of the success of tracks like Chase B’s “For Me”, her highest streamed collaboration with over 14 million Spotify streams, KenTheMan is back with “WTF”, a self-confidence anthem that sees the rapper as coolheaded as ever.

The beat, simply led intermittent piano keys, a banging 808, and a spacious drum pattern that allows KenTheMan to talk her talk, is much like those that have been popularized in dancing videos on apps like TikTok. Though it’s simple, it provides a perfect foundation for the rapper boast about her success, talk down on her haters, and outline her goals for the future.

With refrains like “I done blew 10 racks like it’s loose change” and “I don’t save contacts whose this,” it’s clear KenTheMan has one thing on her mind: success. By aggressively going line after line and picking up the speed of her bars over time, the rapper’s hunger for money and fame is apparent. At the same time, she makes it look effortless, seamlessly transitioning between nonchalant flows to fast-paced spitting.

In “WTF”, KenTheMan proves she isn’t going anywhere except up. She has so far avoided a contract from a major label and has proved she can be successful off of her own back. She is currently vying for a spot on the XXL 2021 Freshmen list and the string of singles she’s released so far this year hints at more to come soon.

Check out the song below and let us know what you think.


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