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MP3: KIZ – I Fuck You (All) (prod. Drunken Masters & Nico KIZ)


KIZ – I Fuck You (All) (prod. Drunken Masters & Nico KIZ) download mp3

With the new single “Ich Ficke Euch (Alle)”, KIZ make it clear that they are not sexists, but simply despise everyone without exception – which is basically nothing new. In the video, they climb out of their graves as man-eating zombies and attack a parish. The driving beat supports the punchlines, which, as expected, are also bursting with violence.

“Sunburn is the only thing on my neck.
I solve problems with sex, like monkeys.
Only the bill has been washed in my tribe pouf”

KIZ are back with a lot of music in their luggage, they announced this at the specially convened press conference for the new album ” Rap über Hass ” . The event was preceded by the song of the same name “Rap Über Hass” as a teaser . Without much promo they also released the pre-album “And the secret of the unpaid brothel bill” . The recently dropped single “VIP In Der Psychiatrie” and the new track give a further insight into the long player that will be released on May 28th.


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