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Logic – Therapy Music (feat. Russ)  Free MP3 download

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[Intro: Russ]

[Verse 1: Russ]
My anxiety was takin’ over (Yeah)
Remove the devil and my faith [?] like it’s [?] (Come on)
I finally made it to the field of my dreams, and I let ghost play around like I’m [?] (Damn)
A Yankee on and I got stripes in this game
High headed but got ice my veins, arrivin’ by plane
G4 to be exact, rewards it be to raps
Three hoes before I [?] and three more are bein’ cracked (Facts)
That was the life that I was leadin’ back before I went to therapy
And we unpacked, I wasn’t really needin’ that
I was needin’ validation, which, I agree is whack
Mad at my therapist like, “Bitch, I agree with that” (Haha)
Here’s the kicker though, my therapist is me (Facts)
Complainin’ ’bout my problems, how American of me
There’s a scarcity of free thinkers (Yeah)
It’s all group thoughts (Sheep)
That’s what they think (Yeah)
That’s not what you thought (Psst)
Before you saw the popular vote
You scared that the world’ll leave you if you rockin’ the boat
So you don’t (Pussy)
All aboard, now you safe in here but you don’t even recognize your own face in here, fuck it
Independent with a major budget (Uh-huh)
You ain’t mad at me, you mad your lady love it, we should change the subject (Uh-huh)
I sway the public like I’m rappin’ on the radio
Long hair lookin’ like I’m supposed to be on Game of Thrones, HBO
But every time I talk, it makes the news like the Daily Show
I’m wavy so, of course you wanna cruise, I call her Katie Holmes
All my dreams are comin’ true, that’s somethin’ I [?] know
Labels feedin’ artists [?] like palio
Meanwhile I’m feedin’ myself
Had a nightmare last night that I was sleep by myself, yeah, yeah
Oh God

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[Verse 2: Logic]
I keep my ego in check, just me and this instrumental pumpin’ through this cassette deck
Money don’t represent my rank
Your logic rose from Jack but even the Titanic sank
I seen cats with egos bigger than cruiseships lose it
Gain power and abuse it
Same to take my kindness for weakness and confuse it
Same type don’t know I stay with the gat and know how to use it
Used to be addicted to likes by the likes of people I ain’t even liked
Anxiety, readin’ comments ain’t have me readin’ right
Trapped in the Matrix, Black Neo, back to the basics
Now everything I do is off the grid, they just can’ trace it
Face it, I used to love rap, now all I love is my family, fuck the fake shit
Only involved in darkness, can you see the light like common sense
But to my defense, the way you’re thinkin’ past tense
Life’s a bitch and shit can get screwed like when you cappin’, that’s fuckin’ intense
On tour the fans screamin’ the West like cravin’
You know I deal with shit that’ll make the average man’s chest cave in
On the scene daily, this just in, word to Hailey
I write about the world around me like a journalist
It’s funny how people that don’t listen to me, concerned with this
It’s ’cause they have to be, these motherfuckers weaker than muscle atrophy
This life feels like a simulation, man, it has to be
Walked through the world, the whole shit is just one giant catastrophe
Speak on mental health, the people after me, that’s why I capped out
Retired ’cause I felt rapped out
Feel like people more connected with shit that’s not what raps about, so I mapped out
Just me and my fam, I don’t give a damn
Livin’ day to day, just like the normal man I am
Bringin’ it back to the reason I began it from the start
Spillin’ syllables [?] at the open mic, after dark
Hangin’ with cats that stay with iron like they Tony Stark
We recognize when the phonies talk, why?
Real G’s fly in silence like Nas, G7 raps
Retired now I’m back, I relapsed, we bringin’ that heat back
Like July, that real shit, no two ply
Bitches I’ve been plottin’ and plannin’, fuck with that [?]
And that [?] and the lyrical fan, I’m jumpin’ out the plane [?]
Floor so wet that it seems like it happened to rain and my grin expand bigger, I Bruce Banner ’em
I hit you with the buckshot then [?] slug
Hustle music like some of my brothers still husle drugs
I’m the [?], did it for money, made the money, now I do it for fun
Music will forever be a part of me
I do it from the heart, from the circumflex artery
My bank account is seven digits like I won the lottery
But I don’t navigate the way I shaped the game like pottery
So hold up, grab the gat, reload, the [?] that be my soldiers
Yeah, I’m older but I be wise
I’m fuckin’ the [?] now open your eyes up
Now these haters claim my thoughts from grace a couple years back
Still at the top, where I been at
Eight miles from the surface of Earth, and the [?]
Don’t gotta get into that
Who’s the illest on a track? Rewind it now and listen back
Wanna know who the best is? I give you fourty-four guesses
It doesn’t matter and it never did, it never does, it never will
That’s why I retired, it’s impossible to fulfill
Just a hamster wheel, full of cats that never still
On it, for real (Woo)

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