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[MP3 + LYRICS] COCHISE feat. Joey Trap – Totoro


COCHISE feat. Joey Trap – Totoro MP3 download

[Intro: Cochise & Joey Trap]

Yo’ Cochise, a weh dem ah seh?
(Red lean look like Clifford)

Yeah, pull up on him, where he stay?
Pull up on him, where he stay?
I’ve been getting all this cake
Stacking bread all on my plate
All might, uh, Where my cape?
Off-White, uh, oh my days
Shackle on me, not a slave
Slash em’ up, they call me blade (Motoro)
Pockets, they big like I’m Totoro
I’m on my stand, like it’s Jojo-jo
No I don’t take any photo-tos
She don’t like me? oh she gotta go
Just on the beat, likе Geronimo
God on my side and he blеssing, I know
I’m in the cut with a suit and a coat (Yeah)
Pull up, I know that boy hating, uh
That boy he cap and he hate to, uh
Me and your shawty was matin’, uh
All that money on me, I be cakin’, uh
Shawty she built, and she all on me
Clog on that boy, like an artery
Hands in the sky, it’s a robbery
Me and my dawg hit the lottery
Give me that plate, talking bout pottery
Imma own that, like property
I’ma go flex, like properly
That boy never seen poverty
Got a white girl named Majorie
Mario Kart, no Odyssey
Heard he got Percs, like pharmacy
Got God on my side, like prophecy
I’m the big man, do what I say, oh
Buss gun, uh, lay low
Bun Dat, uh, case closed
Eat it down to seed, like mango
Got the whips in the back, like Django
Damn, I want a strawberry, Faygo
Got em’ watching on me, like cable
Got the bread in my hand, like Playdoh (Yeah, yeah)
VVS diamonds, what do you think?
I’m bout my game like it’s EA, no brink
If you got a problem, then we cannot link
I’m on the wave, while you still on the sink
Coat on my body, and you know that’s mink
Got the lemonade juice in the cup, that’s drank (Uh-uh)
I been money, I don’t care bout a rank (Uh-uh)
Got em’ running on the street, like my name Tink Tink, yeah, yeah
Had to give my mama of them racks
I had get up and get to that, uh
I had get up and get to them past
I have god on my side, uh, yeah
How I’m gon’ ride? uh, yeah
I’m running the right, uh, yeah
I’m up like I’m guy, uh, yeah
Familiar guy, uh, yeah
Venereal guy, uh, yeah
I’m up in the sky, uh, yeah
I’m always so fly, uh, yeah
Money on me gonna dance, uh
I get money on racks, uh
To the beck, uh nah
Money on me all racks, uh


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