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[MP3 + LYRICS] Cochise – Mura/Kami


Cochise – Mura/Kami MP3 download

[Intro: Tyler, the Creator]
Now, I got y’all fools this time (Hit it)

Yeah, uh, ok
Yeah, yeah (lets go)

[Verse 1: Cochise]
Yeah, Murakami
You better sip on that sake
No, im no worrying topic
I got the work like a [?] (like a [?])
Kamikaze, i’m whipping the [?]
Baby, it’s testing me (it’s testing me)
Feel like a resting piece (like a resting piece)
All of these rest in peace (rest in peace)
Feel that boy catching me (catchin’ me)
I’m in the SUV (the SUV)
Jesus stay blessing me (blessing me)
‘Lil shawty she stressing me (stressing me)
‘Lil shawty she stressing me (uh, yeah ok, uh)

[Verse 2: Cochise]
Mister [?]
Got a shorty, she look like a [?]
I got ice upon me like a [?]
She don’t love me, she say i’m too cocky
They don’t love me, they [?]
Got two bitches, can’t stop me
[?], can’t top me
Hit ’em with the fist like Rock Lee


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