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[MP3 + LYRICS] Cochise – Sanji

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Okay, I kick up on that nigga like I’m Sanji
Okay, I kick up on that nigga like I’m Sanji
Okay, I kick up on that nigga like I’m Sanji (Yo’ Cochise, a weh dem a seh?)
Yeah, yeah (Bullet)
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh
Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah (Bullet)
Yeah, I tell ’em, tell ’em, yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
Wanna know what I know? Uh
GBE, I go, uh
Wanna get bread? Let’s go, uh
Wanna talk bread? Let’s go (Yeah)
No, I can’t lie, that boy doing the most
Shawty she talkin’, she doin’ the most
Talk ’bout hitting, but I gotta ghost
Talkin’ ’bout swagged out, but I ain’t no toast
That boy he dirty, I know he need soap
And I know that he broke, and he getting no gold
And your girlfriend just saw me, I know that she’s soaked
Had to cover ’em up, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout coat
Had to cover ’em up, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout loc
I handle my money, I run it up, boy
Put my foot on they neck and I know they gon’ choke
Feel like NBA YoungBoy, I’ll never go broke
Humana, humana, humana, uh
Mama just called me a son of a, uh
I got the money, I’m coming up, uh
I’m the one, serve me a hundred bar, uh
My money come from the backend
I do not care who you are, I’ma tax him
No, I don’t know who you are, I won’t tap in
I had to wake ’em up ’cause they was nappin’
She wanna meet at my next show, be maxin’
I got the five on me just like a Jackson
I had to wipe ’em up just like a napkin
I got a shorty, I don’t need no mackin’
I had to get on the boat, woah
I had to get to the gold, woah
I had to run in your goal, oh
I had to make me a GOAT, woah
You in my pass, like I’m Iniesta
You want some racks and I want a Tesla
I’m in your home, boy, up in your slumber
And I duck in your door just like I was rebel
Forever I’m home, no matter the weather
God on my side, he makin’ me better
Wake in the morning, I’m gettin’ this cheddar
Whip in the kitchen, ain’t talkin’ Griselda
I get the Breath of the Wild like Zelda
Your shawty buff and I’m coming to help her
I got the bank on mind like a teller
Jesus protect me just like an umbrella
He got the one in the head of Beretta
I’m on 2K in the rec with a center
I had to teach him and then I’ma kin ’em
I don’t like Britney, you talkin ’bout Renner
I got the kicks, they on me like Sanji (Uh)
I got the kicks, they on me like Sanji (Uh)
I got the kicks, they on me like Sanji (Ooh-wee)
My shawty cute and she mean like she Nami (Ooh-wee)

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[Verse 2]
I got the [?], ayy (Yeah, yeah)
I’m in the house like it’s Kame, huh (Yeah, yeah)
I’m at the top with the Kage, uh (Yeah, yeah)
Shawty, she tell me want top me (Let’s go)
That boy he hate me so much, he wan’ rob me
I got the push and the pull with the homi
I had to run up, push that boy a tommy
I had to stack up, it came from my mommy
Tell that nigga, “Get the bleach”
Wipe it off, wash your body
Get it off, go home
Tucked in, go to the party
I got the pull, pull out the body
Pull out on me, pull out the shotty
Catchin’ a body, I’m on my noggin
I know he dead, bust at his noggin
All of my niggas, we kill with no choppas, yeah


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