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[MP3 + LYRICS] Cochise – Yoga Fire Freestyle


Cochise – Yoga Fire Freestyle MP3 download

Yo’ Cochise, a weh dem a— (Bullet!)
Uh, uh, yeah

I had to double the racks, okay
I had to double the stack, okay
Shawty, she throwing it back, okay (Hold on)
That nigga so yesterday (Hold on)
I’m on my best today (Hold on)
Yeah, give shawty a mess today (Hold on)
I want some baguettes today (Yeah, uh, yeah)
Uh, like a pound, we rollin’ ’em up
Like a round, I’m getting it up
Ya shawty, she got a lil’ butt (Lil’ butt), yeah
She know I tempted to touch, yeah (To touch)
But I ain’t doin’ too much, yeah
I getting ice like a puck, yeah
Shawty she give me a hug, yeah
I get the money, alright, yeah
I get the money, alright, yeah
That boy he talkin’, he don’t want to play, yeah
I’m taking your bae, uh, yeah, like every day, uh, yeah
Just right on a date, uh, yeah
But I never pay, uh, yeah, she play with me, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I keep my money in rolls (Okay)
I make it sunny in snow (In snow)
I’m in here, running from troll (Running from troll)
Twenty (Twenty), fifty (Fifty), hundred (Hundred), dough (Dough)
When he, see me (Where he at?) Getting, low (Low)
I level my high with the low
I brought my lil’ fire on the store, yeah (On the stove)
They pick on the kid, like a ‘fro, yeah
He handle the stick like a pro, yeah
I pick up my chips like a crow, yeah
Velveeta, I’m getting this dough
Ha, ha, yeah, yeah
Give me the pack, the pack, the pack, the pack
I put the pack with the mac up to you
My niggas comin’ and run on the road
My niggas comin’ and runnin’ the boat
I get the money, I feel like I’m boat
I flip it just like I’m under the boat
I get to eating that filet mignon (Uh, bullet), yeah
I had to cut ’em off, uh, yeah, just like a price, uh
I had a shorty, she white, uh, yeah, she look like rice, uh
I had a buddy, he lice
I had the wrong from the right
[?] like a mime
I had to get to the—, uh, yeah
I had to fly like a kite (Kite)
That boy, he talkin’ ’bout bite (Bite)
I got the money, it’s Ripe (Ripe)
[?] bite, huh, huh
I fell in love for the ride
Sean Paul, they had to give me the light, yeah, hoo, yeah
I got on read
I got the money, it come through the red
Shawty, she pumpin’, she bumpin’ her head
I got the money a month from the rent
I had to wake up and count up the bread
I had to wake up and push out the red
I got money on me and I’m feelin’ like Craig
I got money on me and I’m flippin’ the red
If you talk about me, then I leave you on read
Ah, ah, I got the red
Uh, playin’ Left 4 Dead 2, yeah
I got the red Lou, yeah
I got the red Lou
I gotta pay for my uncle Lou, yeah
In Barbados he two, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
That’s why they hatin’, uh, yeah
No immigration, uh, yeah
I got a GAT, uh, yeah
That’s why he hatin’, uh, yeah
They all racist, uh, yeah
Yeah I’m half Bajan, uh, yeah
But I’m Jamaican, huh, yeah
I got a [?], uh, yeah
I got the cake, uh, yeah
I got the regular, uh, yeah
I got the regular, uh, yeah


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