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[MP3 + LYRICS] Foolio – Who I Smoke (Remix)

Foolio – Who I Smoke (Remix) MP3 download

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[Intro: Foolio & Vanessa Carlton]
I can name over 30 dead opps, fuck y’all (Hadouken!)
Meechy and Leeke
Making my way downtown
Walking fast, faces pass
And I’m homebound-


[Verse 1: Foolio]
I heard “Who I Smoke” I was in they hood the same night, I’m tryna get a dub tell the opps let’s play Fortnite
Shug got killed (shug!), know he wished he had a new bike (nate!)
Nate got killed, know he wished he had a new life
6 who you smoke, Spazz, Meechie that’s a new pack
Ralo died with his FN then, he ain’t shoot back (haha)
Three niggas died in one night, his whole crew wacked (damn)
Corbin sweet as hеll, got his grown ass kidnapped (well damn)
You heard about Lil’ Busta, man thеy caught him broad day (busta)
Prosper and lil’ Tay, they got did the same way (goddamn)
Desi should’ve ducked, shot his ass all in the face (he should’ve)
And smoke squashing beef, told his ass come out and play (smoke)
Can’t forget about lil’ Spazz, heard they did his ass bad (bad)
Leeke died on that fake lean, then he crashed
Meechy tried to run, but his ass ain’t do the dash
Can’t forget about lil’ Fire, heard his top got tagged (ay)

[Interlude: Foolio]
That whole verse was hot they only for the Eastside, bitch ass niggas, all that clicking up though, we finna switch to the West-

[Bridge: Foolio]
Who I smoke?, Luh Leeke, who I smoke?, Big Meechy
Who I smoke?, Lil 23. And now I wonder-

[Verse 2: Foolio]
Ace you a bitch, swear to god ain’t get no clapback
When fo’ got killed boy his face was all in yo lap
2x died, you was cryin making snapchats
Four niggas hit, 3 died that’s a new pack
Ralo where yo bitch?, heard they shot him all in the face
Smokin’ 23, that boy died on his birthday (damn)
Fuck nigga, Happy Birthday
I got him a present, but he dead he can’t celebrate (hahaha)

[Outro: Foolio]
Happy Birthday ‘23
Damn you can’t even see, damn now yo ass deceased
Quit playin’ in these streets, that Luh Leeke
Who you smoking on 6?, that be Meech
Who you smoking on?, 23
Happy Birthday ‘23!, that’s on god (haha)


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