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[MP3 + LYRICS] Melanie Martinez – Drowning (Second Concept HQ)


Melanie Martinez – Drowning (Second Concept HQ) MP3 download

“Drowning” is an unreleased song by Melanie Martinez. It was originally intended to be on her debut album, Cry Baby, however, it was later scrapped. This song has not been performed live or officially released.

The full song was leaked on April 26th, 2021.

The song is an unfinished idea with no actual theme. The song contains gibberish, likely due to Melanie trying to come up with a melody.



[Verse 1]
Heaven, were you so?
Give me that na-na-na-na for
Nothing left, I love you so
How is it old now? What do you so?
Get me on the floor and
Then bring it really slow
Slow, slow
Left it locked down, you thought so
Give my man another blow now

You don’t wanna let me down
‘Cause you don’t really feel like drowning
And you can’t make a sound
When you’re underwater drowning
Maybe we should warn you now
There’s a clock in the kitchen that’s counting
We won’t let you make a sound
‘Cause we don’t really feel like drowning

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