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[MP3 + LYRICS] Melanie Martinez – ZZZZ (Voice Memo)

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“Who is this?”


[Verse 1]
Hi, my name is Melatonin
I can help you sleep
I know your life is so fucked up, baby
Let’s play inside your dreams
You’ll always be protected when you hide under the sheets
Just bring your handbook for the recently deceased

[Verse 2]
Won’t you stay for dinner?
We’re serving lollipops
If you’re mean to me, I’ll make all your teeth rot
I’ll pick them up and lock them in my jewelry box

Tell me “Everything will be alright”
I need to get some sleep tonight

[Verse 3]
The boys are in their suits and ties
The girls committin’ suicide
Luna’s on the roof again
I threw my bear out, and he’s back for revenge, revenge
We used to have the perfect lawn
‘Til someone left the faucet on
Now the whole house is flooded
I’ll row my boat with my beloved

Tell me “Everything will be alright”
I need to get some sleep tonight


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