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[MP3 + LYRICS] Mick Jenkins – Truffles

Mick Jenkins – Truffles Download Mp3 

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Sitting in my room
Then I did some shrooms
Now I’m on the moon

It was
Go yard totes
And Carhartt’s tees
And art talk
The coldplay carpet
Round my feet
The dolce scarf is
Round my face
Forgot my mask


Fuck up her mood ring
Leaving the tri state
I’m on trip
Shawty don’t trip
She know I come home with my plate
Smoke out the zip
Joint on my lip
I’m off a 8th of the truffles
Weight in duffle
Lose and come right like we played in bubble
Tear shit down play in the rubble
True shit we ain’t saying Subtle

Niggas is leeches
Niggas is weeds dawg
Life ain’t a beach (bitch)
This shit a see saw
Shit is egregious
Still slaves it’s a secret
Still want the white man to tell you you
Rubbing shoulders with the demons
Niggas is tweaking

Aw hell naw
Here go another young nigha making trouble (yea)
Young nigga making trouble (wait)
Young nigga making trouble (huh)

Got paid now he eating in the chef kitchen
He don’t want the truffles
Trees funkier than the truffles
Think they want me In a muzzle

Aw hell naw
Heres another nigga think he see it like the Hubble

Aye. This nigga speaking his mind! Aye
This nigga shit ain’t like mine!

Aw hell naw
Here go another young nigga making trouble (yea)
Young nigga making trouble (wait)
Young nigga making trouble

Young nigga making double that money
You Taxed on then trippled principle
I need patience cause I know that I’m gone get the Whole thang gotta get it in intervals
Got the bases loaded
I’m tryna make it a soul train line right at the home plate
Talk shit in the interview
Then I put back on my dolce scarf
Say too much and they’ll finish you
I am not stupid
I ain’t no goofy
Know what the truth is
Some shit just truthy
Too many movies
Nighas be thinking it’s reall life
Til it’s real life and they living it foolishly
This shit is merely a still life
Of a I’ll life
Now we reading a eulogy

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Aw hell naw

I can’t go for the stain no
My nigga
I can’t control the gang no
My niggas
All think different ain’t the same see
I figured
If I wanna stay sharp minded gotta keep me some sharp niggas
And watch out for shark niggas
No weapon formed
Not even that stark nigga
I’m chasing the dark liquor
With clear water
It break it apart quicker
I’m breaking the blunt down
Put the gun down
Now smoking some raw niggas


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