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[MP3 + LYRICS] NoCap – I Hope You Agree (Lil Baby Diss)


NoCap – I Hope You Agree (Lil Baby Diss) MP3 download

(Dmac on the fucking track)
(Tuned up)

Look, I ain’t tryna hold you long but I need you to listen
I uncaged my trust for you for you to show me different
And I risked my life for niggas who I know weren’t right
I know life is a bitch who gon’ club all night
Ghetto [?] was alright, he just called, say he having some dreams about me
And they wasn’t good at all
She made me clutch on my Glock tighter than I ever did in life
Told mama I’ma be alright, it’s hard for her to sleep at night
She praying that I stay away from shells and the police lights, yeah
They should’ve left me here alone, no one should’vе came
I got twenty thousand on me, frеsh up out the bank
[?] when the flash on
What they gon’ do when this cash gone?
Draco, that’s my backbone, hope you ain’t tired of staying strong, nigga
Don’t let me down, nigga
Forever down with you
Know it get hard forever rocking my star
Young nigga slanging iron, I waited on God
And no, I don’t plan on dying, I come out with scars
You might not notice me, I just hope you agree
Walk through my hood with minks, that’s just how cold it be, ooh
Tears on my 223, blood on my jewelry, ooh
Get only one life but we living like we got two
My niggas changed on me for niggas that we barely knew
Like that nigga Juice
Got Ghetto so confused, and my mama too
But you on Rylo heavy, you doing what you gotta do
But I just can’t salute, woah, oh
Devil won’t let go
I hate I let you close
Know this cookie got my lungs burning
Off-White for the fun of it, I don’t even post nothing
Know I’m tied in with the streets, I heard he told something
Four pockets, they full on me, and I heard the judge want me
Acting like a bitch ’cause I ain’t sign, what type of big homie?
Let my sister drive the whip, I’m in the backseat with a stick on me
Won’t talk ’bout who my niggas shot, but tell that boy I’m still on it
Two things I’ma do for sure, stay dangerous and get money


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