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[MP3 + LYRICS] Ransom – Greed Feat. Royce Da 5’9″


Ransom – Greed Feat. Royce Da 5’9″ Download Mp3 

Listen to new heat from Ransom & Royce Da 5’9″ called “Greed.”

Ransom continues to roll out new music ahead of his forthcoming Se7en project, dropping June 7th. After hitting us with “Gluttony” featuring Lloyd Banks last week, the Brooklyn emcee decides to come through today and share his latest offering called “Greed” featuring Royce Da 5’9”.

Over some jazzy production from Lord Sear, Ransom and Royce flex their lyrical prowess and showcase their impeccable delivery and flow, reminding everyone why they’re a couple of the best spitters in the game today. You may need to listen to this one a few times to fully appreciate and grasp the bars. Hit play and sound in the comments (below).


[Verse 1: Ransom]
Turn your back and they’ll shove a knife in your ribs
A father raisin’ a gun while his son is fightin’ a bid
Ironic, ’cause he ain’t really have nothin’ nicer to give
You live the life that you love, then you’ll love the life that you live
So what’s the price if you did love life, but can’t afford a club night
With champagne taste? Money is Bud Light
You tellin’ me to be negative, that’s your blood type
It’s hard to sleep in a bed you made when the bugs bite
I’m sleepwalkin’, I come outside when the streets darkеn
Try not to oblige when you hear greed talkin’
I’m Frank Whitе, it’s no plea bargain
King of my city, I’ma serve every damn fiend that I see walkin’
Don’t be threatened, I teach lessons
Don’t call me king, ’cause every king suffered a beheadin’
It’s seven deadly sins, better preach, reverend
I sever limbs with this sweet weapon, you better keep steppin’
I’m takin’ off, I’ll see you all soon
What’s a mogul without his money? A soldier without his war wounds
I’m hieroglyphics in a lost tomb
These are the facts, if you the richest in here, then you in the wrong room
Shuckin’ and jivin’ get you called coon
Yeah, we all goons, you a cartoon
You play a shark? Cool, I can get you harpooned
I talk to ’em like Malcolm under a dark moon, harsh tunes
You want the smoke? I got all fumes
Yeah, a sharp broom like what God use
In too deep, no time to argue when your skin is a dark hue
Little man got his heart bruised and I’m John Q
Had to breeze when them arms drew, yeah
Known to squeeze like a mongoose, alarm you
Indeed for this greed, niggas harm you
Think it’s time that you leave, don’t believe but I warned you, it’s on you (Uh)

[Verse 2: Royce da 5’9”]
Invest our spendin’ in cars and bikes
Collect our stimulus stars and stripes
We left our women with scars and gripes
In death I’ll reminisce starvin’ nights
Mama sent me to help out Minnie to borrow some rice
Them jail bars imminent, guards and fights
Them Ls authentic as Karl Kani
And they trendin’ as Telfar Clemens and Charleston White, uh
True anomaly, deep a view as optometry
Numerology speakin’ through this autonomy
While the leaders confused
Tell Thomas MacDonald we don’t agree with his views, but we approve of his honesty
That Beretta too deadly, left his head in shambles
Packin’ federal weaponry, shovelin’ mega manholes
Rather eat in the culture, never even to short ya
Who celebrate when they see you ate with seven candles?
Bahamadia or Heather B?
Every queen should never have to question her pedigree, that’s Kevin Samuels
Orisha Orula to a kemetic G
My queen, a better you is a better me, that’s Tevin Campbell
Why the labels embellish it, why they never cancel?
Propagate it to scalin’ it while they sellin’ scandal
While the reverend rambles, Noreaga probably a better commando
Schwarzenegger was Reagan’s Rambo
Your blow stepped on, less shown, said, known
Your connect in the Rolodex, Gomez Jones
He with three of his groupies, give him co-ed chrome
Leave him with these lil’ Uzis, give him four headstones
Gold chain, sneakers, choose your battle in Juice WRLD
Where Juice WRLD shallow and Cobain’s deeper
The dope game’s ether, cocaine beepers
Coltrane peaks the most ‘sane speakers
The bro can’t reach us, the woke can’t either
Sleepin’ with Soul Train divas, we post sangria
I speak for my Keishas, my no-name chicas
Our folks ain’t teach us, our dough can’t free us
You thousandnaire at the register, never popped a tag
Your concierge never helped you out with your shoppin’ bag
You not a real goon, fam, you never got to pass
You not a real DOOM fan, you never copped a mask
Been two-steppin’ since Jay-Z was yellin’ “Holla back”
Produced records for Shady, but never got the plaque
What I will retort is highly enforced
Invite me to war, smile in the court, then buy me a Porsche
Hoes colder than Debbie Allen, I’m mighty divorced
Those po’er than Edgar Allen who tried me before
Who likely a corpse
Who reppin’ the culture where Megan’s toes is of lesser importance than Kylie’s divorce
Uh, the psychology of a meth head
Titty-lickin’ a Masi’ like I’m tryna be breastfed
My biggest fear is bein’ sick with a problem
My children ain’t proud of me, givin’ an apology from my death bed

[Chorus: Ransom]
Greed’ll turn a friend into an enemy
Turn a positive energy to a jealousy
You better be aware, if you don’t wanna pay the penalty
Don’t play the game if you don’t care about your legacy
You tellin’ me, “Check, check out my melody”
Can’t be my dog if I ain’t sure about your pedigree
Hope these words are stickin’ to you like Velcro
Money can’t buy you love, but it buys you everything else, though


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