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Yeah, okay

This a classic beat, I gotta flee the [?] it easy
Lookin’ at my bucket list like, “Goddamn, I complete it easy”
Yes, my life’s a movie, girl, you just in the deleted scenes
I kick you out my life if I don’t like the way you treatin’ me
I put my phone and DND
I’m G-O-D, you’re D-E-A-D
I easily believe in me, them dreams become my scenery
You cannot skip the first step, no, you can’t go from B to Z
Nobody gave the keys to me, I pickеd them like the B&N
Boom-boom, boom-boom, boom, boom bitch
Hatе myself a boom bitch
I can smell the hater in the air, change your perfume, bitch
I feel so unstoppable, the money’s gettin’ swimmable
Bitch, I do the impossible ’cause I see the invisible (Invisble)

Lotta talk but I can back that
Women fuckin’ ’cause of my status
If you want it, make it happen
Can’t [?]

[Verse 2]
I take a hit of the weed and then sell it legally
I make a profit, news reporters wanna speak to me
I’m on the time, make up a Cadillac Escalade
With our chest today, we screaming, “Let’s get paid”
Tryna fuck my plans up?
Danger on the way, better get your hands up
It could be today


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