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[MP3 + LYRICS] Slayter & JayDaYoungan – Spinnin Back


Slayter & JayDaYoungan – Spinnin Back Download Mp3 

When people hit my phone I don’t answer
I was making love to a dancer
RIP to granny she had cancer
Tried to run up on me he got canceled
Made that pussy nigga an example
Flipping through that paper like a [?]
Beat a nigga ass Kurt Angle
Say he a demon but we turned him to a angel
Slayter how you got the streets behind you?
Just found out my opp a rapper I might sign him
I been searching for 2 years I can’t find you
Free my nigga [?] first I’ll have him slime you
Fucking bitches back to back like I’m on that honey
Nigga paid me for a feature and I took his money
I just took a half a 30 and I’m feeling funny
When I fuck her she tell me she feel it in her tummy

My bitch post flat tummy tea
Brodie killed the enemies so nigga RIP
Nigga I been sipping lean and popping RPs
On the internet we don’t post our beef
Cause niggas really fucking dying
Slayter is you high? All the time
I was having deals before I was signed
I was selling pills, 2 for 5
I see you talking shit on IG live
You just tight cause your nigga ain’t alive
And all that chatting ain’t gon’ bring him back
And when we spin (yeah I’ll be spinnin’ back)

When we spin hit you and yo mans so ain’t no spinnin’ back
Hit a nigga in his head make him remember that
I just bought a pint of wock and [?] I been sipping that
50 on her titty milk a pussy nigga like Similac
Walk in your trap in all black like where the racks at
He can think I’m slipping and go like Ricky get his back wet
Don’t send no threats across the internet bitch where the Mac at?
Man fuck this rap these pussy niggas cap so push his hat back
Red dot head shot no we don’t want no leg shot
Send over one it burnt him like the sun we left his head hot
Ain’t no chicken but this stick came with a drum how you gon’ play it now
Murder [?] we like to do this shit for fun bitch don’t get scared now


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