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[MP3 + LYRICS] SoFaygo – Anyways (Dead Waste)

SoFaygo – Anyways (Dead Waste) Download Mp3 

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(You’re fucking with Shoku Radio)

[Verse 1: SoFaygo]
[?] mine, bae (Blatt), you feeling right, bae
I’m pulling in the coupe to you, need you on my side, bae
I know this shit don’t matter to you, but I get you right, bae (Zvanz)
Come on the side, bae, come on the side, bae
(Bop, bop, bop, bop), Your feelings, I can’t save
(Bop, bop, bop, bop), So you wanna run away (Zvanz)
(Bop, bop, bop, bop), Say what you gotta say
(Bop, bop, bop, bop), These niggas dead waste
(Bah), These niggas dead waste (Skrr)
I got the chop, the fire’, so tell me, just how does my lead taste? (Grrt, Zvanz)
Shawty just wanna be all in my arms, so I do not get space (Okay)
I’m just a way ahead of these niggas, so it is not really a race (Okay)
.223 get you erased (Blatt), I put this shit in his face (Blatt)
Twitter was tryna cancel a nigga, but these niggas really be gay, huh (Zvanz)
I brought the blick in the place, uh, I brought the blick in the place, uh
Twitter was tryna cancel a nigga but I told ’em, “Anyway,” huh

[Verse 2: GxlTek]
(Oh wait, let’s do it), Could swear I’m with your ho
(Oh wait), Play with the gang, get hit in your nose, you know how shit go
I don’t trust this shit, so I ride with a tint and keep close this pole (Oh wait)
12 don’t even know, there he go (Oh wait)
All these hoes here with no clothes
Green dot got him froze, big dome to my Rolls
I can’t slow down for no ho (Zvanz), G-lock 19 stay close
Sipping good lean, move slow, Tek and Faygo (Let’s go)
Had your ho, had him hoed
Not like most, bet she know (Zvanz)
She be ‘lone, other side of that door
Did me wrong, get her gone

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