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[MP3 + LYRICS] Tech N9ne – Kickiter


Tech N9ne – Kickiter MP3 download

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[Chorus: Shao Dow & Tech N9ne]
Bass hit (Yeah) face kick (Aye)
All around the world they played it
Hello mate, wasted
Run up on the set, go ape shit
Kickitеr, diss
Kickiter, diss
Kick it like Jackie

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
My hеalthy body still crave molly
But I don’t need no restraints and the mask and I never transported on the dolly
Prolly catch me drunk A-F on a KC trolly
Gee-golly, when they recognize me they pass me the buds on Collie
Halloween woke up in Honolulu
Everything free ’cause I’m a guru
True, go shop and wanna do blue
But my so memory is telling me su-woo-woo
[?] tell me if it’s drama you cute, crew
To put the llamas through you
Colostomy back and you got a boo-boo
Woke up in a room out Vegas
Going to give Kendrick and Tyler a shout later
But too many edible goodies the mouth ate up
So we tried to run and get in where the towel laid up
Looking fly-lee, beauty by T
She want to know the answer to the question, why me?
We walking through the telle’ where we play the hot fee
Holy shot, look B’s with the homie YG
I’m on the radar of every A-star
In the music biz’ when they view this kid, they see me as a quasar
Finally goin’ Kamasutra crazy
Doin’ it like I want a future baby
But I be careful where I shoot the gravy
Holding the base of it like a ukulele, cheah
Some of the homies, they go polygamist
Offer the N9na to hit the wiz a bit
I had to reject it I’m not to give her this
Respect’ll cut off the horny the nigga shit
Woke in the Caribbean and smokin’ the therapy in the ocean
Is there a reason to give a hit?
To folk wit’ a pair of heathen with liver lips?
I broke from the terror leavin’ I sizzle it!
Ari-zona, bag is packed
Backstage passes Cactus Jack (That’s right)
I’m so gung-ho, ask for Trav
‘Cause I know I got the racks
Dip the disk, the way bosses
Get the chips and stay cautious
Dip the strippers, bay tossed it
A lip to give like I’m Chic-Fil-A sauces
I save ’em, you no longer privy to
The way I pop up in places that Iggy do
Woke up in Australia, the city to pop and hop and got me shrooming at city zoo

[Chorus: Shao Dow & Tech N9ne]
Bass hit (Yeah) face kick (Aye)
All around the world they played it
Hello mate, wasted
Run up on the set, go ape shit
Kickiter, diss
Kickiter, diss
Kick it like Jackie

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
My last show at Red Rocks, twelve-thousand people
Seven-hundred-fifty extra, everybody there to greet you
‘Cause what I spit is burn
And with the quickness, sir
Some jealous visitors, bitches were kickiter
Pass out on Caribou Lou
That’s because Kaliko makes terrible Lou
You, that drink, I’m fair ’cause you spew
151, ok there was the true ‘Bou do
One place I dare you to view
Nova Scotia, Canada weather [?]
Screw, [?]
I was chased by sex-crazy pair of cuckoos
Daughter wanted me to meet her milf
Married woman with the cheater guilt
Never did get this leader’ milk
I ran away trucking ’cause I could tell they were Peterbilt
No way I give her the God
Nosey hoes, we don’t deliver the rod
Kickiter watching from afar with Mr. Marcus
Shot a porno named the Wizard of Oz (Wow)
Center stage ripping hit for hit
Been this pay with the sicker spit
Renegade, sip this wicked shit
Lemonade mixed with distillate
I make party, I’m the ka-ka
Hit your town I want that za-za
Never seen a chupacabra but I saw my sold out venue in Masva
I think I did it how I wanted to, never-mind
Yeah that’s a wrap


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