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[MP3 + LYRICS] Trippie Redd – Hocus Pocus


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Uh, hocus Pocus, turn your ass to dust, stay focused
Weed is potent, hand your ass an L, not holdin’

Roller coastin’, back up in the hood, I’m posted

We too on it, ’til the wheels fall off, I’m rollin’

Got the game on lock, nigga, I been hot
Risin’ to the top, nigga, I slip not
Give ’em hell 25/8, nigga, no pitstops
“Damn, I was high yesterday,” nigga, that shit stops

Pussy-nigga, kick rocks
Pussy-nigga, shit rocks
I really don’t want no casualties while my shit hot

So get back, or live not, you’re gonna need a big mop
To soak up all the game I’m givin’ in flames

Nigga know I been not, yeah
Metamorphius, scorch your shit, ’til I shine like [?]
Got me fightin’, Ray Rice and shit, knock a bitch out like Kimbo
I like to play with the strings, play a bitch like a fiddle
I’m tryna teach you a message, I ain’t talkin’ no riddle

I make that lil’ bitch wet, I ain’t talkin’ no sillo’
She wanna play with my pickle, I told that little bitch “Ditto”
I wanna get in between, lil’ Malc’ in the middle
I’m tryna lick on her nipple while I’m just swervin’ a Benzo
It’s time to get to the celery, that…


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