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[MP3 + LYRICS] Trippie Redd – It’s Okay (feat. Chris King)


Trippie Redd – It’s Okay (feat. Chris King) Download Mp3 

[Intrp: Trippie Redd]
It’s hard, though
Sippin’ on the, uh, a red bool, bitch
Yeah, and I’m adlibbin’ with lil’ bro (Uh)
Big 14, know what the fuck goin’ on (Energy, energy, Wolves looking for strippers and coacine, woo, woo, woo)

[Verse 1: Trippie Redd]
I let the money dance, the diamond blings all by itself (Cash)
Without any help, so that means it shine on it’s own (Hahaha)
Without any gold (Yeah), I’ve been a king without any throne (Lean)
It’s time to take your ass to school, ain’t no place, like (Woo, hit ’em with the [?])
Home of 1400 with the screw up kids, don’t screw up kid
Or that choppa wet your crew up kid (Kid), I’m two up kid
We animals, better zoo up kid (Yeah)
I’m from Canton but the whole country wherе I blew up big (Ayy, big)
Who knew us kid, I think I came from undеr a rock (Rock, lil’ bitch)
Was out on the block, my cousin had that shit in his sock
He movin’ the work (Yeah), your bitch all over my cock (She on my what?)
I put dick in her mouth, like the whole mother of bombs (Woo, woo)
And I ain’t talkin’ Donald Trump, but I’ll take Donald out the trunk (Ha)
And let Donald’s ass bust if you keep talkin’ down on gang
I just pulled up in a Lamb, cuzzo pulled up in a Range (Brrah)
And we reloadin’ them sticks lil’ nigga, we release them things, ayy (Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew, brrah, woo)

[Chorus: Trippie Redd]
Ayy (Yeah, yeah), we okay, ayy, it’s okay (It’s okay)
Ooh, it’s okay (We okay), ayy (Ayy)
It’s okay (It’s okay), it’s okay (Boolin’), we okay
We okay over this way (This way), we okay, we okay, ayy
Ayy, okay, we okay (We okay, we okay), on this way (Ayy), ooh
Over this way, yeah

[Verse 2: Chris King & Trippie Redd]
I been fuckin’ up the highway, I been grindin’ for twelve months (Skrrt)
I be rollin’ blunts and poppin’ pills ’cause I do what I want (Ayy)
And I know you bitch been on my line but I will not confront (She on my line)
‘Cause she know that I been getting all them extras from the jump (She won’t, woo)
There you go, there you go, take you with the hood like, baby (Bitch)
Make sure you roll my Backwood tight, baby (Lil’ baby)
I been sippin’ the lean, got goodnight-wavy
Smokin’ on the dope, the ayo-ayo (Yeah, ayy)
Hopin’ that a bitch don’t get out of pocket before a young nigga go and have to call up Rocket (Prrew)
He tell me [?] get to [?] and poppin’ and fuckin’ up the penthouse, we was runnin’ the lobby instead (Yeah)
All you niggas runnin’ out of your bread (Bread)
Guillotine to these rappers, yeah, it’s off with they head (Yeah)
Everybody wanna win but everybody is scared
Don’t be hittin up my line, thinkin’ you fuck with the feds (Did he chop his head off? Hahaha)
I’ll be sippin’ on drank ’til I flatline
Fishtail, the Benz back tied
These old niggas sound mad tired (Skrrt)
That pussy wet, it’s baptized, woah (Wet your ass up, bitch)
Afraid to win and all capsized, fuck around and get baptized (Gang)
Choppa tote, black and loaded, drop in off in the window
We whippin’, my niggas gon’ get it whenever (Yeah)
New Benz with the leather (Leather)
Bad bitch and she wetter (Vroom)
Got a friend named Heather (Vroom)

[Chorus: Trippie Redd]
Ayy (Ayy, ayy, yeah), it’s okay, ooh (Uh, uh, I think we okay over this way, bitch), ayy (Ayy, ayy, ayy, what you think, lil’ bro?)
It’s okay (It’s good), ayy, it’s okay (It’s good, woo, woo, woo), we okay
Over this way (Yeah, over this way), we okay, we okay, over this way, bitch
Ayy, we okay (We okay), on this way (This way), ayy, over this way, yeah (Yeah, gang, gang, gang)

[Outro: Trippie Redd, Chris King, & Rocket Da Goon]
Huh, gang, gang, gang, ayy (Gang, gang, gang, gang, over this way)
Hold up, hold up, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Gang, over this way)
I made this with like, fuckin’, five minutes to spare, bitch (Ayy, ayy, $notty Nose Mafia, ayy, bitch)
Blatt, blatt, blatt
Trippie Redd (Rebirth the mob, nigga)
14, uh (Flip Squad, nigga), 14, uh, 14, yeah
1400, nigga, 14, yeah
Who is Chris King? I don’t fuckin’ know
I don’t know (World famous)
Chris King, ayy, fuck him, fuck him, off with his head
Fuck Chris King
The man


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