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[MP3 + LYRICS] Young Nudy – Columbian Necktie


Young Nudy – Columbian Necktie MP3 download

We were muhfuckin’ kickin’ doors nigga (Lil’ blicky, doo-doo)
Upgraded, high point now (Muhfuckin’ TVs and shit, nigga), upgraded, yeah, [?] .45
(20Rocket on this beat, so it’s gon’ knock)
Young nigga cutthroat shit, nigga

I moved in paradise with Chico, me and G5 (Me and G5)
Bitch, we’s a always had a lick, you know I’m down to come slide (Down to come slide)
Now I’m back on my shit and I’m back with my guys (Gang, back with my guys)
Used to pull up, kick doors, now I’m home invadin’ (Home invadin’)
Slap a nigga with the pistol, now his brain pavement (Now his brains pavement)
Goddamn, you say that iron, get your mind right (Get your mind right)
Know that from a nigga my momma used to fuck with (Used to fuck with)
And my auntie name [?], yeah, she’s a gangster bitch (She’s a gangster bitch)
And my uncle a real robber, love that takin’ shit (I love that takin’ shit)
And my daddy a real trappеr even though he lеft me for a bitch (Damn)
Damn, out here on my own on this gangster shit (On this gangster shit)
Growed up, made a lot of enemies, I got guns, make them fold up, okay (Uh-huh)
Me and all my nigga, we was bangin’ cutthroat (Yeah)
Used to walk through the cut, the Sun Valley shop with [?] (Damn)
Hit me a lick and then I went and shopped with Deebo (Damn)
Ain’t gon’ lie, he used to try to teach me wise (Yeah)
Always sayin’, “Go to school,” but I got kicked out (Damn)
Now I’m stuck in the street and my momma kicked me out (Man)
Now I’m goin’ to haunted house, tryna make my way out (Phew)
Started gettin’ on them xannies, now I’m feelin’ fine (Yeah)
Start spazzin’ on my bitches, say I’m trippin’ now (Damn)
So I went and got on molly, now I’m geeked out (Damn)
Neck, bite down, since you geeked on me in BB (Me in BB)
They need to free my homie down, he got a 30P (Damn)
I took that boot, walked out the door, got in a shootout (Word)
Had forgot the other day I took a nigga tooth (Word)
He pulled up in that ‘partment, all that fakin’ like we cool (Huh?)
And I ain’t had no straps in two weeks, nigga, you snooze, you lose (Lose)
I snatch it awfully loud then cock it back and told him, “Move,” (Move)
My dawg say you slime (Damn), I thought y’all niggas was cool (Nah)
I said, “What that mean?” ‘Cause I took him out, he my broom (What?)
Nah, fuck that nigga, he ain’t claimin’ what I’m claimin’ too (Nah, straight up)
Fuck you mean, nigga? Fuck them niggas, nigga (Ah)
You trippin’, these niggas ain’t with us, nigga
Know how we comin’ (EA)
I ain’t even gon’ lie, shit, we broad with smoke
Built our name up with nothin’ but smoke (Yeah)
We was hittin’ licks, fuck trappin’, where that kick door? (Okay)
And I can’t lie, shoutout to my nigga [?] and [?]
And my nigga talkin’ ’bout but he gone, they was trappin’, ho
And another nigga who’s a opp, nah, he’s a pussy ho
Damn, I hate that shit had went that way, I miss my buddy, ho (Swarm)
Anyway, shit, time moves on, know what I’m on
Took this shit to the west side, couple [?] and pussy, ho
Damn, I miss my youngin’, he was a hitter (Damn), phew (Damn)
I done made somethin’ happen for a pussy, damn (Phew), damn
They lock me in my jail cell with my career, blam
Bulletholes, he rockin’ with me so this shit won’t jam
Oowee, front street, got screamin’ “Yeah” (Yeah)
‘Cause they bitch wanna fuck, yeah
Know I’m a Blood, yeah
Bitches love a gangster and big slime ball, hell shell
Big 4L gang, bitch, you know who I’m in
Mr. Zone 6, run this shit, Mr. East Atlanta
Mr. Fire With The Middle Finger, bitch (EA)
Mr. Fuck-Your-Ho, don’t take her to Ruth’s Chris
And she lovin’ this blue cheese (Yeah)
Drop the top and told that lil’ bitch, “You cannot fuck with me”
And you know I let that shit be known, play you, Swiss cheese
Know that I’m a shotta so a bitch can never set up me (Uh-uh)
Know I been a robber and I let the bitch promote my nuts
Every time I stick it in, I know I’m diggin’ in her guts (Yeah)
And I beat your bitch raw, gave that ho that smack down
You ain’t have no clue that your bitch tryna fuck now (Uh-huh)
And I’m still pull up in a Tonka, pocket full of hundreds
Get disrespectful with this shit, fuck his baby momma
Said I wouldn’t be shit, damn, look at all these commas
Bitches always call my phone, they [?] with my baby momma (Word)
Neck, bitch, I fuck with, I put too much trust in her (Damn)
Gave that bitch money now think that I’ma fuck, nigga (Hold up)
Kick that bitch to the curb when I see a dick (Ah, ah)
Hit that bitch a couple times, she love I’m a bitch-nigga
And I told her, and I showed her, I’ma fuck her friends
I’ma fuck one in my trap house and I do that shit again (Yeah)
‘Nother pill kickin’ in, gotta fuck that shit again (Ooh)
She my pill-poppin’ friend, every time I fuck, I kill that shit (Yeah)


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