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MP3: Måneskin – ZITTI E BUONI


Måneskin – ZITTI E BUONI MP3 download 

“Zitti e buoni” (Italian: [ˈtsitti e bˈbwɔːni, -tj e -]; lit. ’Quiet and Good’) is a song by Italian rock band Måneskin, most notable for winning the Sanremo Music Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

“Zitti e buoni” won the 71° Sanremo Festival in 2021, held with no live crowd due to the coronavirus pandemic still in force. Måneskin were later admitted to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest representing Italy and won the contest with the song.

The title reads like a typical phrasing, literally “shut up and behave”, oftentimes told to children to make them fall in line. The song is about standing out by going against society’s expectations and set rules.

The song represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, after it was chosen through the Sanremo Music Festival 2021.

As Italy is a member of the “Big Five”, the song automatically advanced to the final, held on 22 May 2021 at the Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Some lyrics of the song were changed between the Sanremo Festival and Eurovision because of profanity (words such as coglioni and cazzo were removed).

The song won the contest with a total of 524 points. On their reprise performance, the band performed the uncensored version of the song. Band singer, Damiano David, remarked at the speech, “We just want to say to the whole Europe, to the whole world, rock ‘n’ roll never dies!”


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