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MP3: MORGENSHTERN – Cristal & МОЁТ [Remix]


MORGENSHTERN – Cristal & МОЁТ [Remix] MP3 download

Alisher Tagirovich Morgenshtern[a] (born Alisher Tagirovich Valeyev[b]; February 17, 1998), known mononymously as Morgenshtern (stylized in all caps), is a Russian rapper, record producer, and songwriter. Previously he was a full-time YouTuber.

Valeyev was born on February 17, 1998 in Ufa. He changed his last name to Morgenshtern (Russian and Bashkir: Моргенштерн) as a teenager.

Since childhood he was interested in music. As a teenager, he loved to skateboard. He released his first music video in 2010. For some time he studied at the pedagogical university, was subsequently expelled due to too frank activities on YouTube, according to his rector. Also he was a street musician, was the head of rock band MMD Crew. He has collaborated with Russian rapper Face.

He’s most known for his YouTube-show “#EasyRap”.


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