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MP3: Muse – Citizen Erased (XX Anniversary RemiXX)


Muse – Citizen Erased (XX Anniversary RemiXX) MP3 download

Muse have marked the forthcoming 20th anniversary of ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ by announcing a remixed version of their seminal album – you can hear a new take on ‘Citizen Erased’ below.

The new remix album from the Devon band will arrive on June 18, falling just short of 20 years since the original record arrived on July 17, 2001. A vinyl release will subsequently follow on July 9th and can be ordered here.

A collaboration with long-term producer Rich Costey, the album sees the band offering a “more open, dynamic and less crushed sound”, according to an official release.

“In revisiting the album what we found was the original mixes on the singles, like ‘Plug In Baby’ and ‘Bliss’, were pretty good so they were the hardest ones to improve,” said Matt Bellamy.

“It was the deeper album tracks like ‘Micro Cuts’ where we were able to
make massive breakthroughs.”


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